Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lily and her daddy: February 8 & 9 birthdays!

On his birthday one year ago, my son Mark took his wife Jill to the hospital to have their daughter. Lily to decided not to share her daddy's birthday and came into the world at 3 a.m. the next day. So we have February 8 and 9 birthdays in the family, joining three January birthdays and another February birthday! What a year it's been! Tiny Lily, under 6 pounds at a healthy, full-term birth, is still petite but healthy and active. What a sweetheart. She likes for you to work at getting a smile from her, but she is peaceful and content. She "reads" books in her room on her own or plays with her daddy's childhood set of zoo animals. Though not yet walking, she climbs stairs easily and taught herself how to get back down safely. Mark is my strong, quiet son. He's always been the quiet one, intent on his tasks and not very sentimental. He used to hide behind my legs as a toddler and not utter a single word to strangers. Now he's very personable. Love these two: Mark and Lily. May your bond grow strong through the years! Happy birthdays to you both!

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