Monday, February 4, 2013

leaving Florida ... Savannah

On Monday, January 14, our longest drive lay before us: St. Petersburg all the way to Greenville, South Carolina. But it was pleasant, punctuated by a brief stop in Savannah, Georgia.

Inland Florida feels completely different from the coasts and our route took us down some state highways, through rural and agricultural areas. Before leaving Florida, we stopped at "Citrus Center" to pick up some oranges and grapefruit. The elderly proprietors were precious! Should've taken photos...

We also passed through Gainesville, home of the University of Florida. It has that college-town feel, similar to Ann Arbor, Michigan. A stop would have been fun, but we pressed on.

About half-way through our day, we decided to detour into Savannah, Georgia, which has been on my list for years. It's home to the birthplace of Juliette Low, founder of Girl Scouting. So in we zipped ... only to find the birthplace completely covered with scaffolding as it undergoes renovation. Bother!

But just a block away is Wright Square, which gave us a taste of old Savannah. Spectacular, ancient oak trees shade the square. I definitely plan to return to explore this magnificent seacoast city.

See the old church through the trees?

What a bridge! It took us north out of Savannah.

We pulled into Greenville, S.C. around dinner time. My brother Mark, his wife Kathy and son Robby welcomed us warmly. We were so busy catching up
that I forgot about photos. But great to see them!
The next day was Bill's birthday!

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