Thursday, February 21, 2013

thank you

Where there is a thankful spirit,
there is joy.

After my short "please comment" post on Monday, I didn't know what to expect.
Three comments were made that day,
and on yesterday's post.

They were few, but richly powerful.
Who asks for compliments? Only the insecure.
But truly, I just hoped for some feedback.

Sarah, Lyn and Dove: you were generous in your comments.
Just to know you're reading and would like me to continue writing
is enormously encouraging. So thank you.
And Kathleen, Megan and Dove commenting yesterday:
you were overly generous.

I know it isn't easy to keep coming back to a blog;
there are very few that receive my regular attention.
So thank you when you read.
My spirit is joyful and I hope yours is, too.

While we're at it, what do you especially enjoy reading?


LPool said...

I promise that this is not a copout....there isn't anything in particular that I enjoy reading about. I just enjoy reading whatever you are writing about. Does that sound like a backhanded compliment? Didn't mean it to sound that way. :)I just enjoy reading whatever you write.

Caryl Price said...

Hey Barb, so glad you're doing this writing! Nice to catch up with your life a bit through this blog. Sounds like you're all doing well.
Caryl Price

Barb said...

Thank you, Lyn and Caryl! You are friends from my distant past and it's great to hear from you. Thanks for reading! (Lyn, no, it's not backhanded!!)