Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pilates and my knees

Pilates. Say it "puh - LAH - tees." Not knowing exactly what would go down, I took a chance on a Pilates class this week at the Y with my friend Lisa. Most memorable was ... my knees. More on that later.

I liked it. If I can make it through any exercise class at all, I rate it by whether or not I can get out of bed the next day. And really, though I felt some sore muscles in my abdomen and back, it wasn't too bad. Not a "yow, I can't move!" kind of thing. A real plus.

The instructor, Elizabeth, was toned, flexible and young. Of course. She scanned the room of mostly other young women, then saw Lisa and me. "I'll modify some of this," she assured us. Translation: "These older ladies will never keep up, and I don't want them hurt." We unrolled our mats and sat down on "our sitter bones" and then laid down, following Elizabeth's relaxing stretching movements. She played nice, calming music and it was really very pleasant.

Not to be fooled, I knew the harder stuff was coming. "Find your table," Elizabeth directed. I had to glance over to see what this meant. Oh, get in a position like a dog, on hands and knees. Got it. Over the next 45 minutes she put us through our paces, working abs, arms and thighs and my flabby belly. About ten minutes in, a strapping young man came in with his mat and joined us. He placed his mat a little bit into my personal space. Odd. And when we began doing arm circles, he and I nearly touched fingertips. That boy had a huge wing span!

I was pretty proud of myself toward the end when Elizabeth had us lie on our backs and thrust our legs straight up in the air, butts off the ground. I used to perform this trick all the time as a kid, and I can still do it! Odd thing was, when I looked at my knees, they'd aged at least 20 years. Gravity did its work and pulled all that skin around my knees down into wrinkly blobs. Wow, positively horrifying.

Nevertheless, Pilates might be my thing. It's relaxing yet invigorating and I'm sure it's helping my core strength.( I think I know what that is.)

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Anne Ross said...

Barb, This is so true! Glad you are doing P. I have been at it for 10 years and wouldn't give it up for anything. Even at 62 I can do advanced P. Keep it up! See you tomorrow evening. Drive safe! Anne