Monday, September 24, 2012

the fair

Whoops. Fair week slid right by. It was all last week, practically in our back yard, so close that we can hear the cows and horses starting their day. We hear the harness racing announcers for the daily races and feel the rumble of the demolition derby not a mile away. And when the wind blows just right, we get whiffs of some fine cuisine. Fair week is the BIG deal here in Delaware every September.

Bill worked his usual shift for Kiwanis Club, shuttling people around on a golf cart. That was Monday, the same day I took my little friend, Jack, on our annual visit to the fair. He wanted to see PIGS, gobbled up his french fries, and enjoyed a few rides. Jack's my buddy every year!

Here he is, taking a break in the goat barn. What a cutie.

Tuesday was senior citizen day, so we got in for $2 each. Sweet! I pretended to be interested in all of the fair, but mostly I wanted another cheeseburger at the Buckeye Valley food barn. This is a school district to the north, and they run a huge food concession every year during fair week. Students, parents and staff quickly serve up tons of burgers, fries, chicken and noodles, chili and more.

Bill and I also visited some animal barns ... who can resist this brown-eyed beauty?

Also on display is farm machinery ... it's a county fair, after all. You'll find everything from antique tractors to state-of-the-art bajillion-dollar combines. Wow!

The Ohio state fair is overwhelmingly big for me. But our county fair is just right - love it!
Now to get my granddaughters here for fair week some year.

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