Tuesday, December 21, 2010

two days in the life

The past two days I ...

* could have found myself on the mall Santa's lap, but thankfully did not. You see, I was studying my mall map (yes, I dorkily use a mall map).

* spent four hours shopping. Well, maybe more like three. The other hour was spent waiting in traffic and finding parking spots.

* decided there is no recession in Columbus, Ohio.

* was amazed that the stores had lots of sales help. These people actually asked if I needed help. Refreshing!

* went to ten stores total.

* worked at my part-time job for over ten hours.

* mentally prepared a checklist for next year: Christmas shop in October, bake in November, write cards in early December. Then said to myself, says I, "you're joking, right?"

* texted with my sister, two sons, daughter, two daughters-in-love and husband. All important Christmas business.

* found this photo taken almost one year ago in Charlotte, N.C. at the Billy Graham museum. What a peaceful, lovely evening our family spent there.

I hope you are sailing happily toward Christmas!


Dave Haller said...

Those salespeople are probably trained to offer help to confused-looking seniors who wander into their store.

Also, the only reason that place was peaceful was the live nativity animals were drugged!

See you tomorrow!

Barb said...

Son, you are not too big to spank. )-:<

I think we all agreed that the nativity animals were on something ...