Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Christmas is leisurely now. No more kids thundering down the stairs on Christmas morning. Well. Until the day I spend Christmas with a houseful of grandchildren!

A few scenes from our house ...

In my campaign to de-clutter, I passed along a few
ornaments to the newliest-weds.

Grandma Haller spent the day with us!

Our traditional Christmas brunch
(sausage souffle, served every Christmas for 30 years) - enjoyed by all.

Bill really needed a pillow and Santa came through.

Yes, this photo is out of focus. Jill does NOT sit still
when excited and surprised ...

.. and she's such fun to watch!

Obviously, a happy gal with her new sewing machine,
from her hubby, my son Mark.
I mean there were screams over this machine!

Who traveled farthest? David, who froze
in our house where we conserve heat!

Blogger is super-slow tonight, so I'm signing off.
More photos to come!

1 comment:

Karen Dawkins said...

Hey Barb,
Looks like an awesome Christmas at the Haller home! :) Rob got a new pillow too. Almost as happy about it as Bill is about his.

Happy New Year to the entire Haller clan!