Wednesday, August 28, 2013

they had dreams

I realized only today that Bill's parents, Joe and Elizabeth Haller, were married this day 70 years ago: August 28, 1943. I'm certain Joe and Lib had dreams. They must have looked forward to a life of fun and adventure, a house and jobs and children. They fulfilled all that and over the years had six grandchildren and now a dozen (#12 due very soon) great-grandchildren. Unfortunately, Joe passed away thirty years ago, just before our oldest was born. Elizabeth is nearly 97 and her memory is fading. She does not seem to remember Joe. That is very hard to witness.

My dear friend Grace was a college student on this date fifty years ago and went with her dad to hear Martin Luther King. She happened alongside Jackie Robinson and asked him to sign her program. She recently found that program while going through some boxes in her garage!

Joe and Lib, married 70 years ago. Martin Luther King's voice ringing from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, 50 years ago. You never know how a day in your life can carry great significance on down the road.

Let's live each day well!

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