Tuesday, August 27, 2013

back on bikes!

Bill's big surgery in April kinda cramped our style when it came to biking. Most summers we were doing quite a bit of biking, both in town and taking our bikes to one of the rails-to-trails that we so enjoy here in Ohio.

Bill was determined to start riding again, but obviously wanted to be careful. Like not fall off! But he's done amazingly well, riding more than me. His biggest challenge is getting on and off the bike, not to mention maneuvering around lots of other bikers. So yesterday we headed to Mt. Vernon to ride the Kokosing Gap Trail, probably one of Ohio's finest. It's a gem. Katie was off work so she joined us. We got an early start to beat the heat, and riding on a Monday beat the crowds, too.

stopping at the Kokosing River

The first leg is about 4 and a half miles, where you find a wonderful train and restrooms at Gambier, right on the edge of Kenyon College. A plaque told us that many years ago, Kenyon students rode the train to campus. Then it's on to Howard, another 4 miles or so. We opted to turn around before Howard and return to Mt. Vernon, probably a good call ....

haha! Taking a break before the last leg.

It feels fantastic to get out on our bikes again. It's been a long few months, with so many adaptations required, plus the concerns over my dad and Bill's mom. I'm super thankful we have nearby trails to enjoy. Also very proud of my hubby for working hard!

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