Tuesday, August 13, 2013

my babes

We've been back more than a week from a road trip to see all the little ones. It was worth all 1400 miles and rest areas along the way. The McDonald's $1 summer iced coffee special was a plus!

It's funny when people say, "oh, you have great places to go and visit your kids and grandchildren!" What can I say? I'm a homebody. Didn't like rides in the car as a kid and still don't ... but I'll do it for these treasured babies. We don't do a whole lot of sightseeing when visiting because, well, do you remember having toddlers? They eat often. They nap. And they go to bed early. If you push them to do too much, they let you know loudly and clearly! So much of the visit is spent in and near the house. And frankly, they wear us out! Wonderfully worn out.

Anyway, you know I go nowhere without my camera and I love to catch the children just being themselves. Forget trying to tell a two-year-old to "smile for the camera." So here's what I caught ...

I took Lily to a little playground near their townhouse. She loves to slide!


We went to Great Falls National Park, very cool ... Lily playing with Popsy


I love to see them learn ... great comprehension before all the words come!
Jill is already making learning fun.

A bit shy, but impish and sweet and coming into her own.

Playing doctor with Baba

Lily will become a big sister in a few short weeks! So I'm excited to go back.
Next post: the three Musketeers!

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