Friday, August 16, 2013

the rest of the babes

We left Lily, Mark and Jill and headed to Charlotte so Bill could finally meet Noah, his very first grandson. And he hadn't seen the girls, either, for many months. Or Dan and Jenny! That darn surgery kept Bill down for awhile.

It's a happy, hectic household, brimming with toddler mayhem. Fun, loving mayhem! Ari is three and a half and extremely verbal. Her little mind is racing with thoughts, questions, humor, ponderings, and participation in all that's going on. The big event of the weekend was preparation for her pre-K schooling at home. The cutting, laminating, and sorting ... all so exciting! I'm amazed at Jenny being ready to take on schooling. She is open to different options for the children.

Oh, Ashlyn, you are two through and through.
I was a very busy Baba those few days ... so I didn't take a ton of photos!
But Noah cooperated by not moving around much.
Sweet, studious Noah at eight weeks old.

You've seen my reading photos before ...
I'm just a reading-type of grandma.
It's snuggly, warm and calming and draws us wonderfully close.
So far all the girls: Ari, Ash and Lily love to read and I couldn't be happier!
We swam, fixed food, napped, changed many diapers, poked in the garden, and washed dishes. We rolled on the floor, giggled, colored, read books, and sang in the bathtub. And since our Katie was with us, some great photos happened. (the two above) That girl knows her stuff!

And for a brief, beautiful moment, we got her on the other side of the camera.
Love, LOVE this!
I think I'm the most blessed Baba/mom/wife on the planet.

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Jenny Haller said...

Thanks for all your help and all the fun!