Tuesday, June 26, 2012

summer reading and writing

Summer is usually when I read the most. I read two books in a week while in Michigan two weeks ago. Now, with June almost over, I need to line up a few more books.

Sometimes (usually) I have a hard time deciding. I typically read only one or two novels a year. Love biographies. Bonhoeffer was amazing and I have John Adams by David McCullough, but not sure if I want to tackle another long biography. Love stories of faith. I like books on people who overcome adversity. And psychology fascinates me.

Then there's writing. My well of blog post ideas is running a little dry. Any ideas? For that matter, any book recommendations? What are you reading this summer? Suggestions welcome!

Reading and writing ... yes, those are what I love. Arithmetic? No, thank you!


Karen Dawkins said...

Want to go deep? Try Life of Pi. Nathan and I both read it this spring. He loved it. I found it... interesting. Thought provoking. Still can't decide if I liked it, but it DID stick with me.

Happy reading.

Karen Dawkins said...

I just read "I Am Second." Thoroughly enjoyed it. Light read, great for those quiet moments throughout the day.