Thursday, June 7, 2012

fix, find and figure no more!

"Nothing is really lost until your mom can't find it."

I spotted this little gem, from Pinterest, on another blog. And boy did it hit home. I posted it on facebook and lots of friends hit 'like' or commented. Stephanie said as she was sitting on facebook, her teenaged son was asking the whereabouts of a hat. Brenda said, "my family's philosophy!" And Diana echoed, "amen, sister."

This must be an innate trait in moms: the need to fix, find and figure out for our kids and husbands. I remember asking my mom random dumb questions and her habit was to run to the World Book set in the living room for an answer. She might turn off the stove while cooking dinner to find out if Ecuador is in Central or South America. It was comical. She'd say, "well, I'm curious now, let's find out!"

Think about it. Every time I jump to find an answer or an item, I'm training my family to keep asking. Maybe I need to be needed. If I were smart, I'd make them find it or figure it out themselves. You know, teach a man to fish. The examples are endless ... here are questions I have jumped to over the years, with responses I should have given, though it goes completely against my nature:

"Do we have any more butter?"
You might check the fridge.

"Do we still have colored pencils? And glue stick?"
I don't know.

"Do we have any good tennis balls?"
I don't know.

"I have a project due tomorrow, do we have any poster board?"
Oh you do? If you're asking me to help, a trip to the store will cost you $1.

"Don't we have any double-A batteries?"
I don't know.

"We're out of Frosted Mini Wheats?!"
I didn't eat them. Put it on the grocery list.

"Hey, didn't we have a copy of _______ (fill in the blank with any book)
Pick a bookshelf: family room, basement, living room, Dad's office, your own room.

"Do I have any clean socks/underwear/jeans?"
I don't know, do you?
[Actually, I aced this one, teaching my kids to do their own laundry before they left home.
How? I just didn't do it for them.]

"I'm bored."
Your point?

I know, we moms feel it's our job to help our kids, but is it helping - or handicapping? As for me, I'm trying to answer more with a question or shrug. They'll figure it out.


Karen Dawkins said...

Chuckling! :)

Jenny Haller said...

So Dan DOES know how to do laundry?! Haha! :)

Diana said...

I've dubbed it "husband-ese". That's the language where he asks one question but it actually means something else. "where's the green sweater you got me for Christmas?"........actually means. "drop whatever you're doing and find my sweater for me. I have long ago learned to interpret. I love him anyway!