Tuesday, June 5, 2012

rest stops

It was off to Nashville over the weekend to visit my dad.
Thanks to all of you who've offered thoughts and prayers.
He's holding his own: weak and pale, but still able to get up and around, with help.
My sister and I took Dad out on two drives.
He seemed to enjoy the change of scenery.

The drive to Nashville is pure interstate, which would seem terribly dull.
Like rest stops. Park, head for the little restroom building,
look at the map with the "you are here" marker, stretch, get back in the car.
But if I look around, I notice beauty beside the monotony.
And so, during the stops of these 7-hour drives, I look for the beauty.

Kentucky sky, Kentucky field, right behind the rest stop.

Look up, look down, look all around.
Don't forget to look up. There's glory and honor up there!

I call this 'Ohio Morning.'
It reminds me of pinhole photography I did in college.
Those iPhone apps help!

There are things nobody would see
if I didn't photograph them.
Diane Arbus, 1972

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