Monday, June 25, 2012

Ashlyn is one!

Ashlyn Claire, my second-born granddaughter, turned one yesterday.
I'm sorry for the belated greeting, Ashlyn! 

I will admit that I don't feel I know Ashlyn as well as I do her big sister Ari.
When we visit, I'm often playing with two-year-old Ari and keeping her occupied.
I know this will change as the years go on.

Ashlyn seems to be a girl who doesn't walk the middle ground.
She's either full of joy and smiles, or she lets you know - loudly - what she wants or doesn't want.
You know where you stand with Ashlyn.

But oh my. She loves to play and laugh, adores her sister and her eyes will melt you.

Happy birthday, sweet Ash. I can't wait for the years ahead with you!

love you forever,
your Baba

My beautiful girl and grand-girl at Christmas:
Katie and Ashlyn

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Jenny Haller said...

Awww, Ashlyn. You described her well! Her personality is beginning to develop, mature and change. It is funny, serious and still a bit demanding :)