Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happy birthday, Jilly Bean!

Seven years ago this very month, my son Mark began dating a cute girl from his high school class.
He hadn't dated in high school, so this "sudden" girlfriend took us by surprise.
But as soon as she walked in our house, I liked Jill immediately. 
Her smile lit up the room. Her laugh was contagious. And her red hair gorgeous!

Jill was of course very interested in my son ...
and what should be a post of her own,
she was also increasingly interested in God.
She and I eventually spent part of a summer together
talking, praying and studying the Bible.
It was a beautiful thing that drew us closer.
Best of all, Jill drew closer to God.

Lots more happened: an engagement, a wedding, a couple of moves,
and now Jill is a mother ... to Lily, our third granddaughter.  
For many years I've prayed for my children's future spouses.
That God would choose, keep and protect them for my children.
How God has honored those prayers in Jill!

Today Jill turns 25. She loves and supports my son.
She's a devoted mother and has embraced motherhood so beautifully.
She's a sister to my other children and a cherished daughter to me.
Jill loves life, is good-hearted, open and honest, cheerful, creative,
and eats lots of salads!

Happy birthday, Jill.
I love you and am so thankful for you!

Mark and Jill on their wedding day, August 1, 2009.

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Mark & Jill & Lily said...

Oh wow, what a sweet post. Thank you for writing this, Barb!