Wednesday, May 9, 2012

weed & feed

We've been busy bees, hubby and me. Nothing like visitors and graduations and weddings to light a fire under us. Next week we'll welcome Dan, Jenny and the girls and head off for Katie's college graduation!

Last week we commenced to dig and pull barrels full of weeds from our shady pine tree patch out back. Our son (the landscaper I don't hug) will be giving the backyard a facelift but we're preparing it by pulling the worst of the weeds.

It's weird, but I find tasks done with hubby kind of romantic. I am sure he doesn't see it this way. But shared chores are more fun and of course get done more quickly. Anyway, we weeded for several days.
My never-ending to-do list included a good housecleaning and of course I enlisted hubby's help. (I absolutely detest housecleaning.) First up today: our bedroom. Fan-dusting, window-washing, woodwork and under-the-bed vacuuming. We were quite the team.

Of course, any wife knows that a weeding and vacuuming husband needs food. In fact, he'll probably work better if he's fed. So that's what I'm off to do now: fix something to feed him.


Karen Dawkins said...

What a sweet post!!!

We are doing the same thing here, though my landscaper (Ben) does still hug me ;-)! Rob's been busy painting walls long overlooked. Our bedroom may or may not make the cut! YIKES!!!

Love you. Enjoy your time with Dan, Jenny, and the girls. And especially Katie's graduation celebration!

-d said...

Agreed: tasks with the hubby are romantic. If men would understand that early in marriage, there might be more happily married couples.