Wednesday, May 30, 2012

playing hooky

I'm back. I've missed you. Blogging, and those who read and comment. It's funny, but when I miss a few days I feel very guilty. Sort of like playing hooky.

I could blame my busy-ness on end-of-school stuff, but I have no kids in school. May is just bursting! And here it is almost over.

Over the weekend I finished and submitted my next article for Heart of Ohio Magazine. Take a look on page 47 of the current issue if you like. It's a neat magazine and I've gotten to know the editor, Diana Coon. You could even subscribe! Check out the website.

There was Memorial Day weekend, during which we had two college friends of Katie's stop by for two nights. We cooked out good food and I made my mom's potato salad, which I do the day ahead. The grocery store has non-Ohio corn and it's yummy.  The girls made fast work of shucking it.

Over the last three days I made a t-shirt quilt for my friend Karen's (frequent commenter!) son's graduation gift. A fun, intense undertaking.

Then there's the WATERING. Just a week old, new baby grass is peeking up in our back and side yards. Of course, as soon as the seed was in we had a horrid heat wave and no rain. Did someone move Ohio to Arizona?? So I spend a good hour every day running in and out and back and forth and moving sprinklers and hand-sprinkling the tough spots. Whew.

The problem with spring is it's too darn beautiful. Today was gorgeously in the 70's. Who wants to be inside cooking, cleaning (heaven forbid), or writing when there's a perfectly good day to enjoy? I will admit, I sat in the sun a bit and read Bonhoeffer.

I won't abandon you. But please understand if I play hooky now and then.


Karen Dawkins said...

Hmmm.... not sure if I should comment or stay quiet!
Thanks for the quilt!!!! More importantly, thanks for your friendship. I adore you!

the me :)

Dave Haller said...

LOVE the article! Just read it for the first time. Though I've heard the story many times, it's powerful to relive it again.