Tuesday, May 22, 2012

we - are - family

Graduation weekend.
Full. Frenzied. Love and laughter.
It was a bit rushed, but we found time for a lot,
like planting flowers with Ari on the afternoon she arrived. 

Love these photos ... thanks for getting them, Jenny!

The bigger cousins, and Jenny, got to meet Lily for the first time!

Once at Taylor, we followed the program, helping Katie move out of her
apartment and attending festivities.
A worship and senior send-off program was Friday evening.
How I will miss the worship at Taylor!
Bri, Katie, Hannah and Christy ...
apartment mates this year. Friends for life.

I was wondering how it would work to bring the three babies
to the graduation ceremony, one that would last well over two hours.
But Bill and I arrived early enough to claim our own little row of six chairs
with floor space for the girls. The girls didn't last the entire ceremony,
but did remarkably well, especially considering two of them didn't feel so great. 
An adjacent air conditioned lobby was the perfect retreat for moms and babies.

Of course a girl can't miss her morning nap ...

Two of our sons live out of state, so getting all of us together can be tough.
We missed David, our oldest, this weekend. His job keeps him at his busiest this time of year.
But David watched the ceremony via live feed on his computer. In fact, he saw Katie marching into
the field house, and we didn't!

Two of my favorite photos ... Ari and Lily trying out Aunt Katie's cap.

On Sunday we enjoyed a family lunch in Katie's honor.
Corn was on the menu, one of Katie's favorites.
Popsy and Ari were on corn duty
and Ari couldn't resist a little nibble!

Family times ... I cherish them.

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Karen Dawkins said...

LOVE the picture of Lily in Katie's cap!!!
Beautiful family. Thanks for sharing....

Why do I feel so inadequate commenting on graduation type posts?