Monday, May 21, 2012

mission accomplished

As our children were born, we had great hopes for them, one being that they go to college. Both Bill and I attended small, private colleges and while we would give our children the choice to attend any college, we both have an affinity for small campuses.

As our children approached college age, it was evident that not everyone wanted nor thought they needed higher education. Only about half of our kids' high school classmates headed to college. This shocked me since I was raised by parents who expected us to attend college.

So. Why college? "Today's students can gain life skills and training in other ways. College isn't for everyone. The expense! You can live at home and save money." We heard it all. And most of it rings true. But as our four chose college and left our nest, we began to see that the choice for them was a very good one.

We saw incredible growth in each of our children as they spent four years away from home. Resident hall living shaped them to cooperate in a community. They were on their own to best use their time in order to succeed. It was up to them how and when to eat, do laundry, clean up after themselves and study. Three of our kids went to Taylor University, an intentionally Christian college in rural Indiana. Taylor's about more than academics. They are serious about helping young men and women be prepared spiritually to work and serve others in God's name.

On Saturday, almost our entire family (sadly, David couldn't make it) witnessed our last child, Katie, receive her diploma. Eleven consecutive years of college. Sixteen cumulative. And all four, by God's grace and provision, graduated in four years. We're so very thankful.

Next post: some fun from a very full weekend!

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Karen Dawkins said...

Congratulations, Katie, on your graduation -- and all the effort and achievement this milestone represents!

Congratulations, Barb and Bill, on getting four kids through college -- in 11 years no less! :)

Love to all!