Tuesday, April 19, 2011

pine needle picker

Do you have trash pickers in your neighborhood? People who find goodies up and down the street on trash day? Well last evening I became a pine needle picker. On a quick walk around the block with Ellie, I spied an entire trash bin of gorgeous pine needles, awaiting pick up tomorrow. Yard waste!

I took Ellie home, got our rolling trash can from the garage, and headed back. I don't know these people well, so it was a little weird to knock on their door. The Mister happened to be at the kitchen window, shirtless, and I motioned to him, "may I have these?" He opened the window and said - what else - "sure!" He must think I'm crazy.

Home I went, happy as a clam (are clams really this happy?) with my load of pine needles. I spread them out back along Ellie's "trail" and they look dandy. They should help the mud issue.

Ya know, some of the best things in life certainly are free.


-d said...

You are innovatively thrifty!

Karen Dawkins said...

like friendship!!! :)