Saturday, April 2, 2011

oh, hail!

Just back from a walk with my friend Lisa. On weekends when it's not icy/snowy/horrible weather we try to take a longer walk beyond my neighborhood. So Ellie and I started out to meet Lisa part-way. In the upper 30's, windy and cloudy: not bad by winter's standards.

Just at the point where Lisa and I part paths for home, something started falling: white, frozen stuff. Small, about the size of a pencil eraser. In fact, it looked much like Dippin' Dots! Bouncing off the sidewalk, my head and Ellie. She seemed a little confused.

The Dippin' Dots only lasted a few minutes, but I felt kind of silly, like a kid caught in a rainstorm.

Gee, when spring finally gets here it's going to be boring!


Karen Dawkins said...

If spring ever gets there...

Barb said...

It's here, just taking a while to realize it is!