Monday, February 21, 2011

Indiana cows

In case you think we - or someone else - posed these cows, no. They're the real deal.  During Saturday's birthday trip to Muncie, Indiana, Katie and I yelled, "stop!" Bill backed up so we could photograph this trio of cows.

Two are rump-to-rump, perfectly lined up. The third is straddling the two. What on earth could they have in mind? Is it family bonding? Pre-mating? Post-mating? A stance predicting impending weather?

Any cow experts out there, I'd like to know!

Who says the country is boring?

(And last year, also in Indiana, we saw a goat getting a boost from a goat buddy: front hooves on the other goat's rump in order to nibble from a tree. Indiana animals are an odd lot!)

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