Thursday, February 3, 2011

didn't mean it!

I take it back, February. You packed a wallop and you win! Inch-thick ice, huge limbs brought down, and our street transformed into a skating rink. Throughout Tuesday night we were awakened by ice crashing on our roof as the wind loosened ice from the trees. Eerie.

Rough day yesterday. We had no power for about 14 hours; other parts of town even longer. The house grew chilly but thanks to our gas stove, I was able to heat soup and make tea.

It's strange. By last night, I was exhausted. How is doing nothing - except trying to keep warm all day - so exhausting?

Thickness of the ice brought by the storm.

Our maple took a hard hit; not sure of its future.
My son Dan said, "I remember when that tree was a twig!"

It's ok, February.
We don't need any encores.


Karen Dawkins said...

I give this post a standing ovation!!!

Barb said...

haha ... and not giving me a weather report from N. Carolina??