Saturday, February 19, 2011

happy birthday, Pat

I'm only a year late finding this photo ... the year was 1975 on Martha's Vineyard. My brother Pat and I ferried out to visit a friend of mine. While she worked her restaurant job, Pat and I explored the island a bit. How I love islands. I could live on one, selling seashells or tending a lighthouse.

It was the first - and only - time I hitchhiked. I felt very daring and disobedient, remembering our dad's warning about the dangers of hitchhiking. I felt safe with my big brother. If I got kidnapped, so would he.

A mom with two kids picked us up; safe but boring. That was summer life on the Vineyard.

Thanks for keeping me alive in '75, bro. Happy birthday, with love.

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-d said...

What a great memory to have with your big brother. Love the photo.