Monday, January 3, 2011

new year, new calendar

Two years ago, in looking for a cute and simple calendar I could print, I ran across the Cottage Industrialist. Today I went back to the site and was pleasantly surprised to find the perfect calendar for my life - and my fridge.

Not only is it small (no longer do we need human-height calendars for our schedule) and free to print, this year's calendar highlights seasonal vegetables for each and every month. It will be a good reminder to eat more veggies!

I guess you could say I'm tiptoeing into using an online calendar. This one's printed online, but I'm still tied to pen and paper.

Check it out:

I printed mine on six sheets of card stock, using both sides, of course. Then tied them together with string. How good it feels to have a clean calendar stretching ahead, ready for a year of possibilities.

Do you have your 2011 calender?


Dave Haller said...

I don't see your birthday written on that calendar! Happy birthday!

Stephen and Grace said...

David...that's just what I was going to say! It's Barb's special day! Happy, happy Birthday to our dear friend, Barb!

Barb said...

Well thanks, dear ones! It's been a very pleasant birthday!

LPool said...

Years and years ago as we kids began to spread our wings and begin to fly my mother began to give us calendars in our Christmas stocking. On those calendars she would write birthdays and anniversaries to remind us to send cards or to make plans. As we expanded our families those "important" days multiplied and stickers were added to the mix. As computers began to show up in our homes we found tools to help us attach other information to those important birthday or anniversary number it is.
For the last 15 or 20 years I have had the program that tells me who's birthday-anniversary it is and what number they are celebrating. My mother contributes to so many organizations that the calendars are free and I give her the info every year. I used to take the calendar for granted but as every year approaches and it's time to gather the info together I often wonder if this will be the last time that she does this for us. It's something that I've come to rely on and look forward to and I suppose I will take it over when she is no longer with us.

Barb said...

Wow, Lyn .... how thoughtful of your mom! Awesome idea.

Karen Dawkins said...

I use my iphone :)

You could say I'm technologically advanced for my generation! But really, I use it because I can set it to yell at me so I don't forget anything!