Wednesday, January 19, 2011

mountain (of) music, part 1

No whining over my new year's project of de-cluttering this house: just facts. I've walked this road before, usually in deepest winter: simplifying and de-cluttering. So why, every year, do I find more cluttered nooks and crannies? Must have something to do with six people living 21 years in this house: a lot of years to box, store, set aside, cram, fill bookshelves and so forth. In a word: too much saving and not enough letting go.

Resolve: declare war on clutter!

One little dark corner has hidden its dusty self for too long: the bookshelves in our living room. Oh, there are books there, to be sure. Old, dusty, unread books. But also, sheet music has snuggled on those shelves for years. A mountain of it.

So today I enter battle with a dust cloth, an open dining room table for sorting, and, lest I incite the wrath of the family's musicians: boxes for saving it.

Is this hopeless? Stay tuned.

1 comment:

Karen Dawkins said...

Have fun!!!!

I find comfort in your words. Still 12 years before I hit 21 in this house. So I don't need to worry yet? Right?

BTW, that does mean it's been 8 years since I moved here. Ready to visit??? Heh Heh Heh