Friday, January 21, 2011

mountain (of) music, part 2

When the weather's like this:

And, after sorting all the music in the house 
piling it on the dining room table:

[yes, family guitarists, I discovered lots of picks!]

then I just can't resist taking a little break at the piano,
trying - oh so rustily - to play
"Minuet" by Anna Magdalena Bach.

January's an excellent time to
catch up on the projects
that otherwise never get done!
Soon enough
I'll be poking in the flower beds.


Anonymous said...

Wow, lots of music! If you are getting rid of any of the piano music, I'll take it. I've been looking for some.
The snow looks nice!

Rebecca (Jenny's sister)

Barb said...

Thanks, Rebecca! When Katie comes home next week, she gets to sort through it. I'll let ya know if we have some to pass along ...