Tuesday, January 25, 2011


For nearly ten years, we've sent kids off to college. Contrary to the empty nest, I call these the yo-yo years: send kids off, and reliably they come flying back. In and out, back and forth. Until - blessed day - they graduate, have JOBS and are independent.

The yo-yo years are bittersweet. I cried at first, then got all excited when they came home for breaks. But - rude awakening and is it just me? - kids coming home from college isn't the same as arriving home from soccer practice.

It's more like ... a houseguest arriving.

I catch myself ...
- cleaning out the freezer
- organizing the fridge
- sorting through mail and newspapers
- planning meals s/he'd like
- changing beds and running the vacuum
- clearing out snacks or fridge items that might have been here when they were last home ... because I've been chastised for "still having THAT?"

When did I put priority on what my kids thought of my housekeeping? Do I care if they care about pawprints on the storm door, dog hair on the stairs, or that the toilet in their bathroom hasn't been cleaned?

When did I go from making my way through kids and clutter underfoot to treating the same kids like guests at my bed and breakfast?

Can someone explain? I tell you, it's odd psychology.

But my daughter arrives home tomorrow, and I've no one to blame but myself. I've already asked her what she'd like for dinner.


Dave Haller said...

Hahaha...very entertaining post!

Lori said...

So true. When you figure it out, let me in on the secret.