Tuesday, June 2, 2009

chilled banana

The staple of lunchboxes and bowls of cornflakes everywhere, bananas turned unpleasant to my palate. If I try to eat a whole banana, in fact, a gagging gets going.

Then! Today I wrapped half of a banana in a baggie and threw it in my lunch bag. While working at my morning job, little lunch bag sat in the fridge. (OK, I'm not green: it was a paper bag. I'll work on that.) By the time the sandwich was gone, I figured I'd skip the banana.

But, not a food waster, I peeled it and took a wary nibble. And an amazing discovery. A chilled banana resembles ... banana pudding, or ... banana cream pie. Just ... sweeter and creamier and no gagging.

So. I think I'll indulge in a banana now and then. But only if chilled.

I'll also make an effort to blog about something other than food next time around.

1 comment:

DandJHaller said...

I absolutely love perfectly riped bananas after they've been cold for an hour or so!