Sunday, March 1, 2009

happy birthday, sis!

I remember the day my sister was born: March 1, 1961. I was a six-year-old with two bothersome brothers and a little sister was desperately needed.

So my dad's call from the hospital brought utter joy: a girl named Anne! Though I wasn't fully aware at the time, my sister had a scary start to life and we were blessed to have her.

Anne became my little doll, my very own baby. I played with her, helped with her feeding and folded mountains of cloth diapers with our mom.

She was special, my only sister, although sometimes I forgot and treated her like dirt. We shared some fun times: playing in the snow in Connecticut and playing "flip and up-go" on the living room floor (a secret, stupid game). And always, we were a united front against our brothers.

In recent years we've shared our lives over the phone. We don't see each other nearly enough: we let time, distance and our children, who differ in age stand in the way.

But today I honor you, Anne. You are what no one else can be: my one and only sister in the whole world. We share a past as no one else can. Be blessed and be celebrated this day! I love you.


Anonymous said...

What a precious picture and a tenderly written tribute.

Anne said...

Well the tears started as soon as I opened the blog page - as always your words touched me deeply. After reading your tribute to our brother, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I should have known you would be sweet to me! Flip n upgo, and don't forget the frito in your eye! Great childhood memories! Thank you, my dear big sister - you are amazing!

LPool said...

What a wonderful tribute to your sister. I too had an older brother and a younger brother, each just a year away from me when my precious sister was born...exactly 5 years after me. Yes, we share the same birthday. For a long time...she was 5 I was 10..we seemed to be on different planets. I was just too old to put up with her foolish and childish ways but when I went away to college she was the one that I missed the most. I couldn't wait to see her once I returned home. And today she is the one I count as my very best friend. There is truly nothing like a sister. We talk all the time and share so much with each other that we share with no one else. I think I'll call her now. Thanks for reminding us how lucky we are.

Anonymous said...

Oh sure - go easy on the baby while I am chopped liver! My best memory was also a little silly but I would always comply when she asked me to do her ear...