Sunday, March 22, 2009

guest blogger contest

Want to try your hand at blogging? Here's your chance! Write a blog post on any topic. The rules:

1. Post must be your own, original work. (that means you didn't borrow it from Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, The Delaware Gazette or anywhere else.)

2. Keep it clean - no profanity or vulgarity. Pretend I am your mother. (As is actually the case with roughly half my readers.)

3. Keep it a reasonable length and strive for good grammar. Misuse of "lay" and "lie" or "leave" and "let" will result in automatic disqualification from the contest.

4. You need not submit something you wrote recently. If you wrote something in first grade and you like it, submit that. However, I highly doubt you'd win the contest. I wrote an essay in first grade entitled: "My Foxy Life" and I wouldn't dare submit it anywhere.

5. E-mail your submission to me at by sometime Sunday, March 29.

6. Include a photo of yourself.

I won't keep the rights to your piece, but I will choose one winner to be published on this blog. That's your prize: submission here!

Please, someone get writing. The next couple of weeks are busy and I need some posts!


Anonymous said...

I think you should extend the deadline to April 1
It seems the rules are quite extensive and it might take me awhile to make sure i adhere to all
you know what a hard time i have with rules... beside i am hoping to see your son this weekend... doesn't that count for something?

Barb said...

OK; April 1 it is. Beth?? Of course, you are a major rule-breaker.

Anonymous said...

How could you possibly know...
i was thinking about writing a short story on.... traveling in a car ....

barb said...

...go for it!