Tuesday, March 17, 2009

missing Ireland

It's St. Patrick's Day and I don't think I'll ever again meet this holiday in the same way as before I visited Ireland. I've been playing our Irish CDs all day. After our visit in September, I have a little love affair with the Emerald Isle.

For the past two days, the Today Show broadcast from Ireland. That was a treat for me: seeing some of the spots where we walked. And reminding me of those we missed and will see the next time.

There is a beauty in the hills and valleys and winding roads of Ireland. Riding the DART into Dublin, climbing the Hook lighthouse, hiking Glendalough, walking the streets of Greystones and feeling welcomed by the lovely Irish people are just a few reasons that Ireland "got" to me.

Most of all, remembering Ireland reminds me of how my daughter Katie left a little of her heart in Ireland, and that the rest of her heart aches to return.

Mine, too.

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klrodman said...

My heart aches, too, to return. But I am so happy to have brought back the best souvenirs I've ever gotten on a trip...new friends, like you!!! What an amazing God, to do that for us. :)