Saturday, March 28, 2009

you're fine

Have you heard it? There's a new expression that is unique to teens and 20-somethings. If I've gotten in someone's way or given them the wrong amount of money at the check-out ... something like that, I might say, "oh, I'm sorry."

And the young person quickly says, "oh, you're fine."

"Yes," I might think, "I AM fine, though you're much too young to determine whether or not I'm fine." Or I could take it as a condescending sort of comment, as in "you poor old woman: you can't see/count/understand, so I'll make you feel better by telling you you're fine."

But really. I don't think such things. In fact, being told I'm fine is rather comforting, like a verbal, sweet pat on the shoulder. And maybe it's good practice for being a poor old woman, or at least a grandma. I remember my mother saying she looked forward to growing old. Then she could do or say anything and others would accept her as just an eccentric old woman. (Being a young eccentric is harder to pull off.)

I for one think this "you're fine" trend is good news. It shows the young people can allow for mistakes, and we all make them.

And acknowledging imperfection is good as the young generation learns how to take care of us older people. For the boomers, that's very good news.

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DandJHaller said...

Actually, I think young people say it because their vocabularies aren't up to par with the "old eccentric" generation! =)