Friday, February 27, 2009

school lunches

Did you buy lunch at school? My siblings and I weren't permitted to buy every day: it was cheaper to pack a ham sandwich, a bag of chips, an apple and buy milk in a little glass bottle for a nickel. But on the days I did buy, school lunches (now don't laugh) broadened my culinary horizons. Enter tomato soup and grilled cheese.

My mother must not have liked tomato soup ... I don't ever remember her serving it. Mothers are like that. We don't usually prepare things that we ourselves dislike. This is why my husband never gets liver and onions.

At school, tomato soup was always served with a grilled cheese sandwich. Tomato soup solo isn't too exciting, but when accompanied by a grilled cheese sandwich cut in triangles: that's some decent eatin'. I didn't say gourmet, just good.

So, the other day I heated up a can of tomato soup and assembled a cheese sandwich for grilling. I went exotic and tucked some turkey bacon in the sandwich. Delicious.

While my quiet kitchen table provides a peaceful lunchtime spot, I think that marching into the lunchroom, eating with my friends and not having to cook would be a fun thing now and then. At least on tomato soup and grilled cheese day.

I could even put up with the boys blowing their straw papers in my face.


Anonymous said...

The only canned tomato soup I've enjoyed (or could eat) is Campbell's tomato bisque made with milk and to which I add a dash of basil and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. :-)

And my personal favorite grilled cheese is made with pepperjack and slices of tomatoes grilled in.

We'll have to enjoy a lunch together!

b. said...