Monday, February 23, 2009

the lost is found

Well, this was the shortest game of hide-and-seek ever. Or the longest. I'd wondered about Mr. Stanko for years, but as soon as I blogged about him, presto! His comment appeared! (Thanks in large part to my friend, Dove.)

Yesterday, the day of the post, I had an idea to e-mail a coach at the high school where I knew Mr. Stanko had coached. This morning the coach answered, saying he thought he could help ... he did know Mr. Stanko and perhaps could get me a phone number.

But within minutes, John Stanko's comment appeared and we enjoyed an exchange of e-mails. He still lives in Connecticut, is semi-retired and has a life-long passion for education. I'm not sure John really remembers me, a mediocre student from his earliest teaching days, but he affirmed my memories of his love of e.e. cummings and his tortuous writing expectations. He's also glad that I remember his influence.

Hey, find and thank a teacher. I'm pretty sure it'll make his or her day.

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