Thursday, February 12, 2009


update: Katie Haller was the first reader to post herself! You don't win a single thing.

Although I don't really know what I'm doing, I'm goofing around with different blog features such as a counter and "readers."

Feel free to add yourself as a reader. Be the FIRST to do so, and I'll mention your name. I promise not to solicit you for anything.

Based on the counter, it appears that up to 50 people are checking this blog. (You get counted once per post. If you read a post 55 times, you're still counted only once. You also need more of a life.) Frankly, 50 astounds me. You are aware, right, that there are a bajillion more interesting blogs out there?

But thanks for reading. I am honored.

1 comment:

klrodman said...

NO! No better blogger than you! You hit my funny bone each time and I understand so much, because I have been there...except for the spontaneous outings you talked about in the last blog. We're certainly not there yet...too soon though...