Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Our family, well most of us, is seriously into the Amazing Race ... and season 14 is now underway.

If, unbelievably, you're unaware of this show, here it is. Eleven pairs of people embark on a round-the-world race, hopping country to country and scary challenge to scary challenge. Each week, the pair to arrive last at the pit stop is eliminated ... until there are only three pairs left. First ones to the finish win a million dollars.

OK, ok, it's reality TV. And your point?

My kids have been talking about The Amazing Race for years now. Katie, especially, dreams of pairing up with one of her brothers and being selected as a participant team. We've discussed who would make the best pair: Katie has some travel smarts and Dan's a fast runner. David's got an analytical mind and Mark's Mr. Cool. Then there's the question of throwing Bill or me into the mix. After all, every season there are at least a couple of middle-agers to make it interesting.

On Sunday's episode, the team who arrived first at the pit stop is a mother-son pair, Margie and Luke. That's them in the photo above, getting 50-pound cheese wheels down a slippery slope in Switzerland, the first country of the race. What will make this team interesting is that Luke is deaf. He and his mom communicate by signing.

Once you catch it, it's hard to get the travel bug out of your system. Given the chance, I'd join the Amazing Race with no second thoughts. I probably can't imagine the grueling nature of it, but I'd still go. My backpack is ready!


Jill said...

hahahaha I was cracking up during this part!!

LPool said...

I've never seen the show, but my sister-in-law always tells me that Bob and I would do really well in it because we work like a team all the time. Yes, that's true, after all we built a house together and we still love one another. Only trouble is..I can't get my hubby on a plane to anywhere. Doesn't stop me from thinking...what if?

klrodman said...

Rob & I are going to be on that show one of these days! Our whole family loves that show. What a way to travel!!!