Wednesday, July 30, 2008

in-love, not in-law

The word is out! My youngest son, Mark, will marry his high school sweetheart, Jill, in about a year. He proposed to her last night in front of her house, catching her completely off guard! It's been a fun few weeks with Mark ring-shopping, talking with her parents, planning the proposal and generally keeping me a nervous wreck because I'm a terrible secret-keeper.
I once heard someone refer to her mother-in-LOVE rather than mother-in-LAW because it best described their relationship. It was one of love, trust and affection and one she would have chosen, as in a love relationship. I like that. So I've adopted it for my own. So far, I boast one daughter-in-love (Dan's beautiful wife of one year, Jenny) and now another, Jill, on the way.

Before it's all over, we could have 3 daughters-in-love and one son-in-love. (No hurry, David & Katie.) We'll see. For years, I have prayed for my children's future spouses....that God would protect them and grow them into women and a man after God's own heart. It's about the coolest thing ever to see him honor that prayer. I am thankful!

And someday, we might have grandchildren. From what I hear, there's no love-label needed for those.


D&JHaller said...

Someday, you'll have grandchildren. That day is not coming anytime soon. FYI. But, I love you and miss you and am so unbelievable grateful that I have a mother-in-love who appreciates the things I do and loves unselfishly. You deserve so much more than we can give!

Barb said...

Dan & Jenny-in-love,
If and when you have children, you will realize that the best gifts a parent receives are independent, responsible, Godly children. In that regard, I have ALL I could ever want and more. Thank you for the warm fuzzy this morning! Love and miss you, too!