Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trip to the country

I wish I'd had a camera for my trip to the country this morning. I meandered away from town to visit a young-mom-friend, Kellie, from Bible study. The drive was luscious. I don't know where you'd find more beautiful corn than our 8-foot tall stalks here in central Ohio. The fields undulated with tall corn and short soybeans. Country-folks' flowers screamed their colors along the roadway....oranges, reds, yellows and lavender. The heat wave has broken and the air was clean and sweet. A treat for the senses!

At Kellie's home, I was treated to the most wonderful coffee (with cream, of course) and raspberry coffee cake. Scrumptious. The July breeze blew through the windows of her country home and her young children offered hugs. We shared the goodies and more importantly, we shared our hearts. Though we're in different seasons of life, our hearts are knit together as mothers. Thank you, Kellie!

No dozin' today!

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Dan said...

Sounds like fun! I do miss that midwestern corn...