Wednesday, July 23, 2008 we go

It's 2:00 a.m. and I can't sleep and I think it's about time to create a blog. Bear with me...I'm 53 and wasn't weaned on computers, you know. what's with this blog name? Welp, (that's what David, my oldest & cleverest son, says instead of 'well'....I've no idea why) from the time we first got a computer and had to come up with an e-mail addy (David says that, too, instead of 'address') . . . I came up with "halfdozn." The computer guru said "halfdozen" was too many letters. So. It was halfdozn. Because we were six. Hubby, me and four rambunctious kids.

At first glance, DOZN might seem like DOZIN' instead of DOZEN. Now Hubby might say that's fitting because I love to doze and I've probably had less than my desired amount of dozin' through the years. Four kids, after all.

Now the nest is emptying and you might just find me HALF DOZING any time of day, especially in the afternoon, because I DO NOT HAVE TO MEET THE SCHOOL BUS, FIX THE SNACK, CHECK THE HOMEWORK, DRIVE TO SOCCER OR ORTHODONTIST OR MAKE SURE DINNER'S ON THE TABLE IN TIME FOR A BOY TO GET TO BOY SCOUTS! In fact, I might just eat peanuts and a coke for dinner and not even care.

I'll tell you, this dozin' will be mighty nice. Maybe.


D&JHaller said...

YEESSS! I love it Barb and I love you!

Rob said...

Oh just rub it in, empty-nester...
As you eat peanuts and drink coke for dinner (like I believe that anyway).... I have band practice, high school football, competitions, parades and a little thing called Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade coming up -- plus, all Nathan's church activities and Ben's football and church activities and Ellie's diva-dates!!! Yeah, loud four year olds don't wait idly by as their brothers experience life!

Enjoy a nap or two for me :)
Have fun!!!
Love ya, dear mentor!

halfdozn said...

That's why God gave kids to young they could keep up. You'll accomplish what you need to and wonder later how you did it. I do remember those crazy days...and we even on occasion took a neighbor girl with us to ballgames (or left at home) so Katie could play and we could watch! I recommend it! Love ya but don't envy ya! b.