Thursday, July 24, 2008

Liking biking

It was another excellent day weather-wise in Ohio. Sun! Breezes! Chores, especially all those tedious indoor jobs, can wait for the 5 months of lousy weather that arrive too soon. I led my friend Donna on an hour-long ride of the bike trails around town.

Funny how familiar suroundings can take on a whole new feel from a bike. Whizzing by century-old homes, up hills, around curves and stopping at the Dari-Point for some refreshment made for an enjoyable outing. It all took me back to the days as a kid when I rode around my town like a maniac.

Thing is, we can act like ten-year-olds and maybe even feel like them for an hour. But we must not look the part. As Donna & I waited to cross a busy street on the bike trail, a car slowed down, the driver waving us on. We laughed and realized he was deferring to a couple of middle-aged women on bikes. Our start-up was a little slow and wobbly; he might have even thought we were heading home for our naps. I laughed at the thought and pedaled on.

Nope, we're no longer ten. We'll probably hurt tomorrow. That's ok. Biking is a blast, no matter your age.

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LPool said...

Got your Christmas Card today and decided to look at your blog. Got to the biking article and it rememinded me of a time that you and I took a bike ride and went with our "feelings" and we ended up finding Bill's house. Do you remember that?