Monday, February 24, 2014

oh, let's go to France

Winter's getting long and I'm getting a little squirrely, so I looked through some old photo files today. This blog was a newborn when Bill and I went to France and Ireland in September 2008. So if you weren't with me then, these photos might be new to you.

The main purpose of that trip was to spend "parents week" in Ireland visiting Katie. She was spending her freshman first semester there. We flew over a few days early and visited my cousin Susan, who's lived most of her adult life in France. She and her husband Andre were wonderful hosts. And France was ... divine!

It's true what they say about the light in Paris: purely magical.
We were finishing a day in Paris and ended up here by the Louvre.
The light nearly took my breath away.

Art is everywhere. Paris is art.

Away from Paris, the road to Vaux le Vicomte, an incredible chateau. Do you get a little crazy over certain types of photos, like I do? This is my type: tunnels, windows and doors, symmetrical lines and vanishing points nearly make me swoon.

It was insane!

Hope you enjoyed these ... maybe a few from Ireland next!

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