Wednesday, February 12, 2014

birthday buddies

I could kick myself for taking so long to post, but I won't. Home last Monday after my 2-week road trip. Then we hit the road early Friday for D.C. to celebrate son Mark and Lily's birthdays on February 8 and 9.

My sister called me a "jet-setter." Um, no. Travel tends to wear me out. Though I'm not a napper, the day I flew home from Florida I took a 3-hour nap! A homebody, that's me. But you know I love nothing better than to visit the grandchildren!

Lily's mama, my daughter-in-love Jill, planned a simple Saturday morning "Tea for Two" party: just a few little girls and their moms. The birthday girl, though only two, behaved like a little lady: no melt-downs as might befit a 2-year-old. A fun morning of cookie decorating, a story, and yummy refreshments! A few of my favorite photos ... 

Lily carefully decorates her cookie. Oops, a couple sprinkles went in her mouth. 

Oh come on, what could be cuter? Lily is two!

Mark was celebrated too! But of course, there's no time off from being a daddy:
and he's an amazing one, here reading to Ethan and Lily.

Thanks, Mark and Jill, for letting us celebrate the February birthdays with you. Maybe next time, the cherry blossoms will be out! 

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