Saturday, March 1, 2014

happy birthday, sis!

Here's that photo again and I know exactly the year:
50 years ago, 1964!
While our house was being built, we rented a house from a retired couple
who spent the winter in Florida.
(Mom and Dad thought them awfully brave to entrust their
home to a family with four kids.)
My siblings and I practically lived outside that winter on Coldspring Drive,
sledding the hill out front and building enormous snow forts.
One neighbor even had a sled with a dog to pull it and
gave us rides up and down the road.
What a glorious, Narnia-like introduction to New England after living
in flat places like Detroit and Memphis.
One Sunday night in February my dad was watching Ed Sullivan
and called us to the living room.
"Come see these crazy guys with long hair, called the Beatles!"
I was nine and my sister Anne almost three.
These old photos hold such rich memories of our childhood. 
Today is Anne's birthday.
Happy birthday, sis. I love you!

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