Wednesday, October 2, 2013

where's David?

Thirty years ago tonight I gave birth to our first child in West Palm Beach Florida: a beautiful, healthy boy we named David. Bill cradled him in his arms at Good Samaritan Hospital and watched some baseball.

It's as apropos as it gets, David being born at the end of the regular season and the start of the post season. Because, well, those who know David know he's been crazy about baseball since he was a boy, and now he works for a major league team, the Tampa Bay Rays. David's blessed to truly love his job and he's thankful for it. That blesses me!

So, why the title of this post? The team left for New York last Monday and they're still on the road. Three games in New York, then three more in Toronto. Next came a tie-breaker game in Texas for a wild card spot (won Monday night) and they flew to Cleveland yesterday to play the Indians tonight for THE wild card. If the Rays win, it's on to Boston to begin the play-offs against the Red Sox.

Right now it's a very cool ride for David and the Rays. Bill and I are super excited to go to the game tonight. But especially, we're hoping to have David for about an hour and celebrate his birthday over lunch.

Where's David? Traveling all over the country with his team. But amazingly, he landed two hours from us right on his birthday. How cool is that?

Happy birthday, David! Love you so much.


Karen Dawkins said...

He told me he didn't pack enough clothes -- take a fresh outfit! :)

Enjoy your day! Mmmm.... make that HIS day!


Julie L Smith said...

very cool!!