Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy birthday, Jenny!

Many years ago I began praying for the people my children would marry. It was a new idea for me, but some special friends prayed for their children and I thought, why not?

And isn't God amazing? He brought two wonderful young women to our family to marry two of our sons. The first was Jenny, who met my son Dan at college. They married right after they graduated in 2007.

In a few short years Jenny has gone from the girl Dan brought home from college to his devoted wife, mother of 3 sweet little ones, beginning homeschooler, fantastic cook and gardener. She's our "let's play a game!" cheerleader. She's also relaxing into this tough season of motherhood, trying to enjoy them, guide them, love them.

You're a blessing to me, Jenny. You teach me things and listen to me and make me laugh. You challenge my thinking and inspire me. I love you and (because your birthday today has been a bit of a challenge) wish you a happy birthday week!

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Jenny Haller said...

Thanks so much! I miss that haircut :)

I appreciate the chocolate as this week has been super tough motherhood.