Tuesday, October 1, 2013

3 grandchildren come to town

What a wonderful houseful over the weekend! Our son Dan and his family drove up from North Carolina to visit. Driving 450+ miles with three children ages 3 and under deserves an award, don't you think?! We visited the Columbus Zoo, Bill's 97-year-old mom "GG", Mingo Park here in town (big hit with the girls), Dairy Depot for ice cream, and Dan and Jenny went to the Ohio State vs Wisconsin game with friends on Saturday night!

Meeting Noah.

Little Ashlyn would have none of GG's lap.

There are things I forget about toddlers until I'm with them again,
and then I instantly remember and adjust my thinking accordingly.
A two or three-year-old has a hard time focusing on animals, even large ones,
that are in the distance ... and especially those that blend in
with their surroundings. So the gray rhinos way over there by the gray rocks
were lost on Ari and Ashlyn.
The aquarium was another story. The fish are up close, colorful,
and move constantly. The children were mesmerized, even 4-month-old Noah.
Oh, their precious faces!

It was the same with the penguins; Ari watched this
guy swim back and forth for some time.

On Saturday morning we played at Mingo Park here in town. Our boys (and girl) played baseball and soccer for years at Mingo. The playground is way better now!

Come on, could this be any cuter??

Sisters ready for take-off.

Popsy spotting Ari.

Studious Mr. Noah chillin' with Baba

I love that this slide, where my kids played, is still in use!

They didn't need to read the menu ... "I want an ice cream cone with sprinkles please!"

Dan and his girls.
Not many pics of Jenny ... sorry! It was a busy weekend and super fun.
Thanks, Dan and Jenny, for making the long trip!
And now for the finale ... a photo caught by Katie at the zoo ...
I'm certain this will become one of my treasured photos!


Karen Dawkins said...

What a fabulous weekend! Glad the Ohio weather cooperated. <3

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Barb. Those grandkids sure are blessed to have two sets of grandparents that love them so much. Cool to have a park where you could take them that had good memories of your kids too.

Jenny Haller said...

SUPER FUN! Thanks for having us, feeding us and playing with the loud crazy girls! (Now send two fuzzy pillows please!)

Bonnie Hudson said...

Very cute kids. Looks like everyone was having fun! Aunt Lib looks the same. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Bonnie & Bob

Kathleen said...

Love the picture of Noah and you! Your faces are priceless . . . as is Katie's ability to capture them.