Wednesday, November 14, 2012

slip slidin' away

It would have made a funny video. But come on, a middle-aged woman losing her footing on the stairs? It's not pretty.

I could blame my hubby, who had just tossed a jacket upstairs for the laundry, though it didn't quite make it all the way. But I think I just outright slipped. In my slippers. Hot, fresh coffee in hand and all, down I slid. My left elbow cracked on the stair, my right big toe folded under, and my coffee made an impressive cascade, top to bottom.

In a show of chivalry, Bill came running with rags and towels and mopped and dabbed every bit of coffee he could find. I whined over my elbow and quickly-swelling toe.

Sigh. There are the big life events. Daughters moving out. Grandchildren being born. Then there is the mundane, like this morning. A tumble down the stairs, spilled coffee and a sprained toe, causing me to hobble around all day.

Keeps me humble. Bah.

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