Friday, November 2, 2012


I cannot begin to grasp the devastation that has fallen
on New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.
Hurricane Sandy roared through on Monday
and ruthlessly took out power and burned houses to the ground in Staten Island.
It tore two little boys from their mother's arms and drowned them.
It washed in mountains of sand,
flooded homes, businesses, streets and subways.
Residents are without running water, electricity, heat, access to food and gasoline.
Some have no homes to go home to.
And many are getting desperate.
I'm thankful the mayor canceled the New York City marathon,
a no-brain decision.
I wish I could make a casserole for a hungry family,
or open our spare bedroom to someone who's cold tonight.
But I will pray for God to deliver relief
in the countless ways that are needed,
through big and giving hearts. 

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